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ONTD Careers

Taking care of the jackals.

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Helping ONTD members network and find jobs!
ONTD_Careers exists to help ONTD members find jobs, network, and share advice. We all know someone who knows someone, or know of something opening. OR we know/are someone who needs a job.

We were inspired by this post on ONTD about the lack of jobs and networking available. ONTD is a huge community, and we should be out there to help each other.

Posting rules:

Posts are moderated, but anyone may post. There are three types of posts.

1. A request for help in a specific field or region. Please specify your qualifications, location, and what you're looking for.

2. A recommendation of a job that you know in your company, school, area, etc. Please include the company, qualifications, location, and a link or email to apply for the position.

3. Advice, articles about job searching, etc. Please source if using an article.

Please set the viewing access when you post to members only. We may be sharing personal information and don't want that out there for everyone to see.

Behavior rules

1. Please do not personally attack any member. We're here to build each other up and help find jobs.

2. No hate speech/racism/etc. See above reasoning.

3. Please source when you are linking to an article.

We reserve the right to ban members who violate these rules, or who we think are being inappropriate in the community.

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